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Posted by Admin On17th March 2010

Founded in 2000, BCG Attorney Search is one of the most respect legal recruiting firms there is. It got that way by emphasizing superior recruiting skills. They place candidates only in the most prestigious of law firms.

Posted by Admin On7th October 2009

Finding employees is an easy task, especially with the job market being so full right now with eligible candidates. However, finding the perfect fit for a company can be a task – a task that many human resource directors and managers don’t look forward to.

Having a recruiter working on your side can ease the process and help ensure that you’re getting the right candidate for the position. And while there are plenty of “head hunting” firms out there, there are relatively few that specialize in helping law firms find attorneys. And of those, there are even fewer that specialize the way BCG Attorney Search does.

BCG Attorney Search was founded in 2000 by CEO Harrison Barnes and has grown to become one of the most respected recruiting companies for legal talent in the country.

One of the primary reasons for their success is that they believe in the notion that it’s better to do one thing the best than to be mediocre at many. In this regard, BCG Attorney Search specializes solely in placing the best associates and partners in the best law firms in the country. Unlike their competitors, BCG doesn’t place in-house attorneys, contract attorneys, legal secretaries or paralegals. It’s because of this policy that BCG Attorney Search has become unparalleled in the industry.

Another factor that figures in to BCG’s strong presence in the industry is how they go about finding their recruiters. While other companies are content to hire people from other firms or “off-the-street”, BCG Attorney Search prefers a more “homegrown” approach. Nearly every recruiter is brought up through the ranks and receives instruction from CEO Harrison Barnes. In addition, each candidate must undergo intense training before being let loose. This kind of oversight helps to ensure high quality, which in turn leads to better results.

What kind of results can BCG achieve? Consider that in 2007, BCG Attorney Search achieved one of the highest placement rates in the industry, averaging more than one placement every business day during the year. This was done while working with far fewer candidates than most of their competitors at the time.

BCG Attorney Search operates offices all across the United States and each office is staffed by approximately 20 legal recruiters who are at the top in their field. When you combine this with the high standards of customer satisfaction set by the company, it’s easy to see why they’re able to achieve outstanding results time and time again.

If your firm is currently looking for qualified legal candidates, but would rather not tackle the process – and all the headaches that come with it – alone, why not let the professionals at BCG Attorney Search take on the task for you.

To learn more about their services and to see the various ways they’ve helped their clients, visit them at their website at

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